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How I Survived No Power, No Water, No Heat, During The Texas Freeze

February 21, 2021


Wow, this past week has been a crazy one. It started off normal, until the power was turned off...

...And then the water went out.

...And the temperature outside was 9 degrees.

What started as a regular week, devolved into an every-man-for-himself survival situation.

I grew up in Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the Northeast. I know cold and snow. But here in Central Texas this past week, when it gets cold, society shuts down.

And in this particular case, the Texas electrical grid shut down too. What actually happened is still not completely clear, but it seems like there was issues with Texas's power production because of the cold weather. This caused a strain on power as everyone was using it to heat their homes during the freeze. And the strain got so large, that the power company shut off electricity to prevent a catastrophic failure of the grid.

Over at the Insight Lifestyle, I've recorded an audio detailing what it was like and have decided to make it available for everyone for free. In it I discuss what happened when I had to confront someone who was stealing firewood from a pile of sticks I was collecting to burn.

Stay warm!

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