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The Truth About Reality

August 04, 2019

I'm always impressed by how seriously we all take life.

We're living on a spinning rock, floating through space.

We have no idea what we doing here, or where we're going.

After 1000's of years of human history, one day we just show up on this planet.

We live a 100 years and then we're done and are forgotten.

It makes you wonder, why do we take life so seriously? Why are we so obsessed with being "right", being remembered, and being significant? Why don't we just enjoy the richness of being alive? Why don't we laugh more and have more fun?

What's more, quantum physics says that we can't prove that anything exists outside of our own awareness or minds.

The life we think we're living is just a perception existing in our brains and not necessarily even "true".

Here's what Elon Musk said two weeks ago when introducing his new project Neurolink, the computer of the future that connects to your brain:

"Everything that you perceive, feel, hear, think is all action-potentials. It’s all just neural spikes. It feels so real, it feels very real but these are all impulses from neuron spikes."

Or how about UCI scientist Donald Hoffman who says "perception is a user interface". Our senses evolved to perceive a world that will help us survive, and not see the world as it truthfully exists.


Knowing that our experience of reality is coming from inside us rather than outside is more than just theory, it can be life changing and very practical.

If this is true, then we definitely should not be taking life so seriously.

If we are not perceiving some objective outside world, and instead are just experiencing our limited and incomplete perceptions of reality, then what is really out there? What IS the true reality? What is life beyond our limited ability to sense it?

I have no idea.

I don't know if anyone really knows. But if we can know that the world we are perceiving isn't the world that actually exists "out there", maybe our problems and limitations are as not as great as we think them to be.

Or maybe we can just relax, be more understanding of our strange existence as humans, and enjoy our lives and each other a little more.

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