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Your Power Is In The Invisible

September 08, 2019

A conversation I had with a client 3 years ago:

"Can you help me make more money?"

Me: "No."

"Can you help me hit a goal of buying a million dollar house?"

Me: "No."

"Will working with you help me lose weight?"

Me: "No."

"Will working with you help me grow and be a better person?"

Me: "No."

"Then what exactly am I going to get if I hire you to coach me?"

Me: "The truth. A real understanding that life's power is not in the visible world, but in the invisible. Once you have access to this power, you can do with it what you choose, including any of the above."

The same client said this to me last week (3 years later):

"Tony, I just realized, somehow I've achieved all my goals with you. I bought a million dollar house, my business is growing, I'm losing weight, I have 5 free hours every day that I now spend reading. We barely ever talked about how to do any of this. How did this happen?"

I reminded him that what really matters is in the invisible:

  • It's not how big your house is; it's what's going on inside that house.
  • It's not how good your vacation photos look on instagram; it's how you felt when you were there.
  • It's not how attractive or impressive your spouse is; it's what's going on in his/her head.
  • It's not how many business books you read or strategies you use; it's your state of mind when you're in the game.

The things we can see, touch, taste, feel, and hear are where we tend to look when searching for answers.

However, the invisible (though it is easily missed and often dismissed), is where both the results we want and the power we seek reside.

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